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Fares & Rates

Please know, that we do not accept passenger reservations, all tickets are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis!

Since our tickets are valid for one year from purchase date, we operate on a ‘First Come, First Served’ basis. We recommend that passengers arrive at least one hour prior to boat departure especially if parking a vehicle overnight. This will allow time to check in your luggage and freight as well as purchase passenger tickets and parking permit. The last shuttle from the parking areas is 30 minutes before boat departure time. A one way valet service is available for $25 if you arrive after the last shuttle has run. There is no overnight parking at our dock facility. The trip to Beaver Island takes a little over 2 hours to complete the 32 mile route. Passengers must be on board 10 minutes prior to departure.

Please note that if you have a Reservation to bring your vehicle on the ferry, your check in time is 90 minutes prior to boat departure.


Peak Season: May 24 – Sep 7

Non-Peak: April 14 – May 23 & Sep 8 – Dec 21

Prices indicated as a One-Way fee

Passenger Fares

Prices indicated as a One-Way fee

Adult (ages 13+) Peak $32.50 — Non-Peak $27.50
Adult (book of 20) Peak $630 — Non-Peak $530
Child (ages 5-12) Peak $20 — Non-Peak $15
Child (4 & Under) FREE

Pet Ticket $12.00 (See Pet Policy)

Parking  $5 per night / $25 per week

Vehicles & Trailers (Passenger Fare not Included)


Prices indicated as a One-Way fee

Vehicle (less than 7’6″ high, up to 16′ long) * Peak $105 —  Non-Peak $100
Vehicle (less than 7’6″ high, 16’1″ to 19′ long) * Peak $115 — Non-Peak $110
Vehicle (less than 7’6″ high, 19’1″ long & up)  Please call with overall dimensions *
Vehicle (greater than 7’6″ high) Please call with overall dimensions *
Trailer Please call with overall dimensions *

Recreation and Smaller Transportation

Prices indicated as a One-Way fee

Bicycle $12
Moped (up to 90cc) $20
Motorcycle (91-349cc) ** $35
Motorcycle (350cc & up) * $50
Kayak or canoe (must be empty) ** $25
Snowmobile or waverunner/jet ski (on pallet) ** $60
Golf Cart, Gator, etc… Side by Side ATV Please call with overall dimensions *
ATV (3&4 wheeler) ** (up to 349CC) under 8 feet long $30
ATV (3&4 wheeler) ** (349CC and up) under 8 feet long $50

* Requires reservations. Call with overall dimensions for accurate price (include items on outside, e.g. bike racks, luggage carriers.)

** To guarantee shipping on a particular departure, reservations are required. Otherwise, all items are shipped as space becomes available.  We do not hold vehicles without reservations until space becomes available. 

All measurements are rounded to the next higher foot.

Vessel Beaver Islander requires height restriction of 6’4″.

Vessel Emerald Isle large vehicle size restrictions HERE.

Vessel Emerald Isle requires maximum of 50 tons GVW and no more than 4500 pounds per tire.

Tickets are valid until one year from date of purchase.