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Our customers are always asking, “What is there to do on Beaver Island?”

There are so many answers to this question, it’s difficult to give a simple answer. It all depends on what you’re looking to find on Beaver Island! Check out Beaver Island Things To Do.


Discover the beauty and rich history of Beaver Island, America’s Emerald Isle! Our knowledgeable and well seasoned tour drivers will guide you through Beaver Island’s beautiful scenery and intriguing history, while giving you an idea of why island life is so unique. Beaver Island Boat Company offers road tours on the island check out our Beaver Island Tours.

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The list could go on!

At the Beaver Island Chamber’s website you’ll find lodging, dining and activity options for you, your friends and family to begin building your ideal getaway.

We at Beaver Island Boat Company are confident that you’ll be able to create your own unique Beaver Island experience and return to America’s Emerald Isle over and over again!

For more information on island businesses please visit the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce website