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Over Night Parking

A permit must be purchased at our office.

  • There is a shuttle for drivers only to and from our overnight lots (a private apartment complex and the Charlevoix Airport)
  • The shuttle bus will depart 30 minutes prior to boat departure time from our two overnight lots and 40 minutes prior to boat departure time from the Charlevoix Airport. (If you are flying with Fresh Air please note we do not shuttle to their location)
  • Please leave all pets, passengers and luggage at the ferry dock to park vehicle.
  • If you are running late and miss the shuttle service or would prefer we park your vehicle for you, we do offer a one way valet service to take your car out to one of our overnight parking lots for $25.

Please check in at least 1 hour prior to departure time to purchase tickets, transfer luggage and park your vehicle. Not allowing this amount of time may cause you to miss the shuttle from our overnight parking lots.

Day Parking

Is available in two downtown parking lots. One of our office staff will be happy to direct you to one of those lots when you arrive. Both lots are within walking distance of our dock.