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Safety Information

Safety is our number one priority. Trained crew members, state-of-the-art navigation and lifesaving equipment ensure a safe voyage. Please respect your captain and crew, for safety and security reasons some changes in policies and procedures may be necessary. Our staff and crew are dedicated to making your trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

  • For safety and security, vehicles, luggage and freight may be inspected or searched.
  • Please wait for boarding announcement in one of our passenger boarding areas after purchasing tickets. Passengers are not permitted in the freight/operations area until “all aboard” is given.
  • Note safety information posted on the ferry, including location of life jackets and life rings.
  • Use caution when moving on the boat. Always use handrails and watch your step at doorways and stairs. During rough weather you may be asked to stay in your seat. Please supervise children closely. No running or climbing is permitted.
  • Our ferry vessels are built to safely handle all kinds of weather, however, if motion sickness affects you, various prescription and non-prescription medications are available on the market which can sometimes be very helpful. We will not refund tickets due to illness.

If you require special assistance, please notify ferry personnel before boarding. The M/V Emerald Isle is equipped with facilities for the handicapped.

Title VI and BITA Policies

For more information regarding the Beaver Island Transportation Authority’s Travel Policy for Service Animals and ADA please open the link below. 

BITA displayed policies.pdf