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Freight Prices/Policy/Procedures

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance. Please read the following information carefully, as our ferry service is unique and the smooth coordination of all our efforts is what makes it work.

BIBCO strives for balance and uniformity in its freight pricing. We ship so many different items of varying value that it is sometimes difficult to find this uniformity. Items are qualified for pricing based on their ease in handling, replacement value, weight, volume, safety, hardiness/fragility (including perishables), dock storage, packaging and readiness for shipment.

Identification: Recipients NAME must be clearly marked on all freight.

Markings: Freight being shipped per pound: the total weight of the delivery must be on the invoice/packing slip.

Lumber: ­ Must be banded into bunks with the longest material on the bottom.

Unusual Items: Bulky or unusual freight items should be on pallets and preferably not over 6′ tall. Prior arrangements are recommended and preferred, please contact our dock manager.

Bunks & Pallets: ­ Must not weigh more than 3500 pounds or be over 6′ tall.

Fragile or Glass Items: ­ Must be properly packaged and also be identified as “fragile”. Increased freight charges may be assessed or the freight may be refused for transport if these requirements are not followed.

Valuable Items: ­ A lock box is available upon request, on a first come first serve basis.

Firearms: Are required to be placed in the lock box. Please ask for assistance.

Household Goods : Due to fragility ,time, deck space, and storage, We do not unload full box trucks of household goods IE (U-haul, Budget, Penske) as freight they must be shipped as a vehicle and reserved in advance.


Consistency is important and our goal is to work toward uniform pricing that can be consistently applied to all of our customers.
Sample pricing 2024:

Box – Medium (Banana Box) $3.60 each
Box – Small $1.85 each
Cage – 1/4 full $25.00 each
Cage – 1/3 full $35.00 each
Cage – 1/2 full $45.00 each
Cage – 2/3 full $55.00 each
Cage – 3/4 full $65.00 each
Cage – full (96 cu. feet) $72.50 each
Cooler – varies depending on size
Totes – varies depending on size 

Per pound/Bulk/Tonnage Rate Items Policy

Items must arrive ready to ship. Minimum quantity to qualify for bulk rate is 700#. Weight must be clearly labeled or correct on bill of lading.


  • Price per pound $0.13 1 to 699 pounds (minimum freight charge is $5.00)
  • Bulk Rate 700-2,000 lbs. $90.00 flat rate
  • Tonnage – more than 2,000 pounds $90.00 per ton
    • If items do not arrive ready to ship and customer is supplied a pallet, cage, wrap, a window rack and/or the item requires a BIBCO employee to unload from a vehicle by means other than a forklift the customer will be charged $0.13 per pound rate.

For a more detailed pricing list please call our office at 231-547-2311.

Terms and Conditions

For further details and information please review the documents below.

Luggage vs Freight

Deliveries, Charges & Dimensions

Terms, Conditions & Packaging

Miscellaneous Items & Storage