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Ferry boats have always been the lifeline for the island. Over the years there have been at least 18 different ferries running from Charlevoix to Beaver Island. The Stanford was the first ferry to transport vehicles to the island in 1920. It carried only one car. The first actual ferry built exclusively for the Beaver Island run was the First Emerald Isle in 1955.
The Beaver Island Boat Company in its present form was established in 1984. Over the years, the Beaver Island Boat Company has made substantial improvements to our facilities in Charlevoix and on Beaver Island in an effort to make your journey to the Island as effortless as possible.
Each year our ferries make approximately 375 round trips to the island, travel over 24,000 miles, transport over 40,000 passengers, carry around 6,500 vehicles and approximately 15,000 tons of freight.


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