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Emerald Isle Vehicle Restrictions

Restrictions on Vehicles Over 7’6″ High

The ferry loads from the stern (back) and has space for a vehicle up to 13’6″ high and 46′ long.

Forward of that 46′, the height restriction drops down to a maximum of 7’6″ high. 

If you need us to unload bunks of lumber from the back of a trailer to meet this restriction, let us know so that we can save space for the lumber we lift off.
The first sketch is for those vehicles that drive straight onto the ferry. In this situation the entire tractor or part of the tractor must be under 7’6″ high. A tractor meeting these requirements is available to rent in Charlevoix and on Beaver Island. The second sketch is for those vehicles that back on to the ferry. The load must be loaded less the 7′ 6″ high for any distance beyond 46 feet. The third picture shows a Box style truck where the whole cab can fit under the bulkhead.

Weight restrictions call for no more than 50 tons GVW and no more than 4,500 lbs per tire.
Please contact us if you have questions or if you wish to make a reservation. Thank you.