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Luggage vs. Freight

LUGGAGE– defined as suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, cosmetic/personal bags, garment bags, pillows and sleeping bags.

Each passenger is allowed a maximum of 50 pounds of luggage to be included in the passenger’s boat fare.
Weighing of items can be conducted by Beaver Island Boat Company employees.
Excess items shall be charged at a rate of 11 cents a pound, $2.00 being minimum charge.


FREIGHT–all items not listed in luggage or items weighing over 50lb limit.

Items must be claimed at Beaver Island Boat Company’s front desk. If item is unclaimed, it is subject to removal from luggage rack or C.O.D.
Examples of freight: Coolers, Totes, Boxes, Golf Clubs, Grocery Bags, Tools, etc.
Anyone with large amounts of baggage/freight should arrive 1 ½ hours before departure. We can handle almost any item, as long as we have ample time.
All luggage must be tagged with proper identification. Beaver Island Boat Company is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged luggage or personal items that are improperly packaged.