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Terms and Conditions

All freight shipments are made subject to the acceptance by the customer or shipper of the expressed conditions that:

-The sailing schedule is subject to change without notice.

-BIBCO assumes no liability for damages or injury unless BIBCO’s negligence was the sole cause. BIBCOs’ liability shall be limited to the actual value of the item, not to exceed $100, for all injuries resulting from loss, damage or delay, unless a greater value is disclosed in writing to BIBCO and BIBCO agrees in writing to be responsible for such increased value, in which case BIBCO is authorized to charge a higher freight charge amount.

-All claims for loss, injury or delay must be filed in writing with the BIBCO within 24 Hours after such loss, damage, injury or delay occurs.

-Except in the case of the BIBCO’s negligence, freight or merchandise taken from the dock without being inspected shall be entirely at the risk of the owner.

-Freight tendered for transportation by BIBCO must be properly packed and protected.