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Carry On Items

*Any item which cannot be reasonably and safely carried in hand or in one of the allowed personal freight carriers (described below) by a passenger in a single boarding must be shipped as freight. The captain may refuse transportation of any baggage consisting of articles which may jeopardize the safe operation of the vessel or safety of passengers.

*Because the safety of our ridership is our first concern, we enforce the following restrictions:

-The personal carrier (carry-on device) must fit within the dimensions shown below:*

Length: maximum 25” from front to back, excluding handle (as may be applicable)
Width: maximum 25” outside of wheel to outside of wheel
Height: maximum 25” from ground to top of handle.
                ***Exception is normal dimension of a baby carriage.

-The carry on must be reasonably loaded

-Four-wheeled wagons are NOT allowed as personal carry-on devices and must be shipped as freight.

-The vessel captain or BIBCO dock personnel may, at his/her discretion, waive these requirements from time to time when the safety of passengers will not be impacted, such as during the off season or low-ridership runs, or if the vessel size and configuration permit.

-Once on board the vessel, personal carry-on baggage must not obstruct passageways or interfere with passenger space, deckhand work areas, or safety equipment.