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Emerald Isle Sept. 22nd – Dec. 6th Scheduled Maintenance

Posted on August 19th, 2019
The Emerald Isle will be out of service from September 22nd through December 6th for its Coast Guard mandated 5-year Certificate of Inspection and other planned maintenance.


During the time the Emerald Isle is out of service, we will be utilizing the Beaver Islander to transport passengers, vehicles and freight to the Island.

Please note the additional vehicle restrictions on the Beaver Islander. There is one high vehicle space with a height of 8 feet 6 inches, and a length of 22 feet. There are 8 regular spots for vehicles under 6’4” tall.  If you have a vehicle that is above 6’4” tall please try to bring a smaller vehicle if you are able to do so as it will be difficult for us to guarantee passage of taller vehicles. We ask that if you can avoid traveling with car top carriers or any other items on top of your vehicle to please do so. Our reservation staff will be more persistent in checking the size of your vehicle to ensure we can accommodate as many cars as possible.

The high water has also affected the loading and unloading of vehicles on the Beaver Islander.

Bike Racks and Luggage Carriers: Due to the high-water level, bike racks, luggage carriers, and other devices hooked to the rear of a vehicle will need to be taken off in order to be transported aboard the Beaver Islander. The overall length of the vehicle will be measured prior to you unloading those items to establish the vehicle cost. There will be no additional cost beyond the normal overall vehicle length charge. Please arrive an hour and 45 minutes minimally before your departure time to allow time for you to remove those items from your vehicle. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are trying to protect your items from damage.

Trailers on the Beaver Islander: We do not book trailers on the Beaver Islander as confirmed. Small trailers may be considered at the Captain’s discretion and can be booked on stand-by only with no guarantee of them being able to be transported.

Freight deliveries: Please plan to send any large freight items prior to September 22ndWe will be unable to ship lumber in lengths over 10 feet on routine trips. Bulky or unusual freight items should be on pallets and not over 6′ 4” tall. Prior arrangements are recommended and preferred, please contact our dock managers and review the freight policy on our website.


We fully understand the inconvenience this may cause you and to the disruption to your plans; we apologize in advance. If you have any questions about your personal reservation please feel free to contact us directly.

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